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Inside the Satanic Temple's Fight to Protect Your Abortion Rights

U.S. Election Meddling: Nationwide Voter Fraud, Importation of 15M Foreign-Born Voters

“Though President Trump’s administration sought to thoroughly investigate voter fraud through the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, the board was handed off to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to bypass obstruction from national Democrats who refused to turn over voter data.”

The weird and surprising things I found in the file Facebook has on me

“It was the first day of pre-school. After my Mum leaned down and gave me one final bear hug, I was off to start my education as I casually waved her away without looking at her — clearly she was cramping my style.

I don’t remember this seminal moment, but I happened to stumble upon the footage this week by complete happenstance.

The video is of a TV screen playing an old VHS tape and appears to be taken on a camera phone. My guess is my younger sister found the tape and filmed the video to send to me.

But maybe I should just ask Facebook, because that’s where I found it — in the huge file containing my extensive Facebook history the company keeps on me.”

Facebook’s ‘Secret’ File on You Is Bigger Than You Think — Here’s How to View It

“Sorry, social media Luddites — even if you’ve never used Facebook, your online activity is tracked everytime you merely visit a website that contains Facebook ads and trackers.

Whigham downloaded his Facebook files and was stunned by the specificity of the information. The 500MB zip files contained 105 biometric facial recognition files, photo metadata that includes where and when the photo was taken, his entire iPhone contact list with names and numbers, old tenancy agreements, photo scans of broadband bills, bank transfer screenshots, and, naturally, the entire archive of his Messenger chat logs.

Whigham urges people to download their file so they can see the extent to which their privacy is being violated by what he calls “surveillance capitalism.””

Anti Defamation League says ‘OK’ hand sign not a white supremacist hate symbol

“The ADL, a Jewish organisation established in 1913 to protect civil rights and oppose anti-semitism, pointed to an anonymous 4channer announcing “Operation O-KKK” in February, telling 4chan members “we must flood Twitter and other social media websites…claiming that the OK hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy”.

The ADL said the OK hoax was simply the latest in a series by 4channers and others, to try and take innocuous items, symbols or gestures and falsely attribute white supremacist meanings to them. One was the concept that white supremacists were drinking milk to show “the superiority of the white race” and the “purity of white milk”.”


No, That ‘OK’ Hand Gesture Isn’t A White Power Symbol

“”An anonymous 4channer announced ‘Operation O-KKK,’ telling other members that ‘we must flood Twitter and other social media websites…claiming that the OK hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy,'” ADL wrote on its website. “The user even provided a helpful graphic showing how the letters WP [for ‘white power’] could be traced within an ‘OK’ gesture.”

“The originator and others also suggested useful hashtags to help spread the hoax, such as #PowerHandPrivilege and #NotOkay,” ADL added. ”

The Pentagon Wants to Bring Mind-Controlled Tech To Troops

“The Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology, or N3, program aims to combine the speed and processing power of computers with humans’ ability to adapt to complex situations, DARPA said. In other words, the technology would let people control, feel and interact with a remote machine as though it were a part of their own body.”

Future Quantum Computers Already Threatening Today’s Data

“Hackers, with many of them supported by nation-states, are actively skimming and stealing encrypted data right now, even though it would take them thousands of years to crack it with current technology. But they aren’t even trying to go that route. Instead, they’re storing data in anticipation that a quantum machine in the near future can crack it wide open, long before anyone can perfect quantum-resistant encryption. Their strategy is to steal data now, and then read it later.”


The Pentagon Wants to Automate Some Classification Decisions

“The system should also be able to automatically redact information from a document when the document is shared with users who should be allowed to see some, but not all, of it, according to the request for information.

The system will integrate with standard sharing tools, such as Microsoft Office products, and prevent people from sharing documents that they shouldn’t, the contracting document states. That decision might be based on the classification level of the document or the recipient’s clearance level, among other factors.”

NSA ‘Systematically Moving’ All Its Data to The Cloud

“While the IC GovCloud is NSA’s creation–and centrally funded by the NSA–its basic services are available to the 16 other agencies that comprise the IC, including the Central Intelligence Agency and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.”

Burning Man destroying the environment and causing Global Warming?

Super hipsters…. the cool kids:  “They have also advised that encouraging signs be posted, reminding people that there are designated places for them to squat.