Trump makes UN sweat money woes…

According to the UN, one third of all “member states” are delinquent in paying their “dues” to the UN this year. That includes the United States, which funds between a fourth and a third of the UN’s overall budget, compared to Communist China’s meager 8 percent. In exchange, the regime in Beijing runs almost one third of all UN specialized agencies, while an American runs just one out of 15. State Department officials said the U.S. government would pay up at some point in the fall.

Little League champs fly home on Air Force One with Trump | Fox News

“Today, the President welcomed the team to the Oval Office along with North Carolina’s Rowan Little League Softball Team,” Deputy Press Secretary Steven Groves said in a statement. “During their visit in the Oval Office, the President invited the Louisiana team to fly to Louisiana with him this evening.”

Trump’s approval rating hits high for 2019 in wake of impeachment talk

“Despite the launch of impeachment proceedings, the president saw a 2-point increase from a poll a month ago, according to the new Hill-HarrisX survey released on Wednesday and taken after the impeachment inquiry was begun.

That makes him just 2 points shy of his highest-ever approval rating of 51 percent last August, according to The Hill.”

2,246 Aborted Babies Abortionist Hoarded Will be “Given the Decency of the Burial They Deserve”

Imagine standing in your softly lit garage with a bottle of bourbon and a cigar thinking about the karma of getting to soon meet all 2,246 souls again…

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill promised to give the 2,246 remains of aborted babies found in Ulrich Klopfer’s garage “the decency of a burial that they deserve.”