2018.08.14, Tuesday
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«Left Right»

Julie Novkov: Trump supporters will spark civil war to keep him in power – Washington Times

Julie Novkov, also the chairwoman of the political science department at the State University of New York at Albany, said that Mr. Trump’s supporters whom she calls “overt racists” smoldering with “white racial resentment,” will “provoke violence” when he leaves office no matter the circumstances.


Judge denies motion to detain New Mexico compound terror suspects

Judge Sarah Backus made the determination, saying the state failed to meet the burder of showing the suspects were a danger to the community following several hours of testimony and evidence being presented by prosecutors. Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Lucas Morton, Jany Leveille and Subhannah Wahhaj each face 11 counts of child abuse, after 11 children were found living in deplorable conditions at the site.


Gallup Poll: Democrats View Socialism More Positively Than Capitalism by 10 Points

Democrats view socialism better than capitalism by a significant margin, according to a new Gallup poll, with 57 percent viewing socialism in a positive light against just 47 percent viewing capitalism positively.


Bill De Blasio, (D) NY, lets security haul away reporter for asking question

It also came after Hizzoner appeared on national TV Sunday to proclaim, “I believe in a free, strong media with diverse views — I’ll defend it with all I’ve got.”


Hispanic restaurant owner recipient of death threats from leftist mob after serving Attorney General

A Hispanic restaurant owner in Houston was forced to shut down his restaurant’s social media presence after his business faced a barrage of online hate and negative reviews for hosting Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Democrat Congressional Candidate: “I Hate This Country”

“‘Eleven years I served this county. I hate this county. I prayed to God that he would curse it. And guess what? He did,’ he said in the arrest footage.

‘Man, I saw it hit and cursed, and I saw people laid off right and left – white people. I hate this county …’ he added.”


Antifa Protesters Caught On Video Threatening To Kill The President

Riots and death threats have targeted Trump officials, ICE agents, police officers and children. A former Bernie Sanders staffer opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen practicing baseball, seriously wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.


Antifa Vows “Bullets” For Political Enemies

Meanwhile, Antifa made their ultimate goal clear, chanting, “no border, no wall, no USA at all.”