Arizona’s #RedForEd Fiasco Was a Gift to School Choice Advocates

“”Even before the walkouts…Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) had pledged to give teachers a 20 percent raise by 2020,” The Washington Post noted as the strike began. And after a week without classes—during which parents scrambled for something to do with their kids while they were at work—that’s exactly what the state legislature approved and the governor signed: the proposal lawmakers had already been debating.


This not-so-stunning victory was orchestrated, in part, by Noah Karvelis, a music teacher and the public face of strike masterminds Arizona Educators United, who insists that “teaching is political and silence is complicity.” Last year, he wrote an article, “From Marx to Trump: Labor’s Role in Revolution,” arguing that “Without the empowerment of the working class and of organized labor, any revolution is destined from the outset for failure.””