Four Terrorists Tied to ISIS Arrested in Nicaragua – Were On the Way to US

Four terrorists, two from Egypt and two from Iraq that are suspected of ties to ISIS, were arrested in Nicaragua on Tuesday at around 10 a.m.. All four were on their way to the US. They entered Nicaragua illegally via an unmarked border crossing in Costa Rica.

Here’s A Bingo Card To Help You Find The Most Radical Democrat In The Debate

There’s no doubt that we’ll hear some truly radical things during the first Democratic presidential primary debates this week. Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed the Democrats wholeheartedly embrace a plethora of far-left extremist ideas. The only question will be which ones the candidates choose to profile during their limited allotments of time.

Boston: Wayfair employees protest sale of children’s beds to detention camps… “brave” enough to make children sleep on the floor….

Leftists are making children sleep on the floor and then patting themselves on the back for it…

“Wayfair workers couldn’t stomach they were making beds to cage children. They asked the company to stop. CEO said no. Tomorrow, they’re walking out,” she wrote. “This is what solidarity looks like — a reminder that everyday people have real power, as long as we’re brave enough to use it.”

Driver that killed 7 bikers was on Green Card and should have been deported based on multiple prior charges.

According to local media, he has two prior DUI arrests, including one conviction in 2013, which led to his license being suspended for 210 days because he was tagged as “an immediate threat.” The other DUI arrest was just last month in Connecticut. He was also arrested in Baytown, Texas, on Feb. 11, 2019, on possession of a crack pipe.

According to WMUR, Zhukovskyy was charged for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and speeding in April 2012, but charges were dismissed. He also pleaded guilty to two drug charges in January 2017 for possession of cocaine and heroin, but just paid a fine.

In addition to the driving and drug charges, according to the Boston Globe, Zhukovskyy received a 90-day suspended jail sentence in Connecticut in 2015 for larceny after he admitted to stealing ladders and windows at a Home Deport warehouse.

Massachusetts police also found suspected heroin pockets in his home. Zhukovskyy pleaded not guilty at Tuesday’s arraignment.”

ICE releases list of accused murderers, rapists protected under state’s sanctuary law | Fox News

The office recently issued a press release which lists seven cases in which ICE requested detainers on criminal illegal aliensbeing held in local jails and those requests were ignored, many with tragic consequences.

According to ICE, Rosalio Ramos-Ramos was arrested last January for murder and dismembering his victim. It happened just months after Ramos was released from a Washington jail despite ICE’s request for an immigration detainer and notification of his pending release, neither of which were honored.

ICE also cites the case of Mexican national Martin Gallo-Gallardo, who was in a Clackamas County Oregon jail. The statement said jail officials ignored ICE’s request for an immigration detainer and notification of release. Gallardo was released and within months was re-arrested, this time for allegedly murdering his wife.

The most recent case involves Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, who was also in the U.S. illegally. He was convicted of raping a wheelchair-bound Seattle woman twice. He was sentenced to time served and released, under the judge’s order that he self-deport back to Mexico. King County Sheriff’s officials say he eventually did return to Mexico, but not before assaulting his victim a third time.”

‘Are you serious?’: John Kerry’s climate change credentials challenged by GOP lawmaker

“Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who has two engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, began his line of questioning attempting to undermine Kerry’s authority on the issue by asking him about his “science degree” from Yale.

Kerry explained it was actually a bachelor of arts in political science.

“How do you get a bachelor of arts in a science?” Massie asked.

“Well, it’s liberal arts education . . .” Kerry replied.

“So, it’s not really science,” Massie said. “I think it’s somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience in front of our committee today.”

“Are you serious?” Kerry said. “Is this really serious? This is really happening here?””