China’s new ‘super camera’ can instantly pinpoint specific targets among tens of thousands of people – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Scientists have unveiled a 500 megapixel cloud camera system in China that they say is capable of capturing the facial details of each individual in a crowd of tens of thousands of people, raising fears facial recognition monitoring could soon reach a new level.

ACLJ Submits FOIA Request to Expose Former FBI Director James Comey’s “Covert Operation” and Spies in the White House

““Between the election and April 2017, when Ferrante finally left the White House, the Trump NSC division supervisor was not allowed to get rid of Ferrante.” In other words, Comey tried to ensure that the White House had no authority to remove Ferrante. Somehow the director of the FBI superseded the authority of the President of the United States, implanting an unremovable agent.

To make matters worse, the reports indicate that “Ferrante was replaced in the White House by another FBI official, Jordan Rae Kelly, who signed security logs for Ferrante to enter the White House while he was contracted by BuzzFeed. Kelly left the White House last year and also joined FTI Consulting” – the same firm Ferrante works for.”

Smart TVs sending private data to Netflix and Facebook | Financial Times

Well…. duh….

Researchers from Northeastern University and Imperial College London found that a number of smart TVs, including those made by Samsung and LG, and the streaming dongles Roku and Amazon’s FireTV were sending out data such as location and IP address to Netflix and third-party advertisers.

Source: Smart TVs sending private data to Netflix and Facebook | Financial Times

Florida Coast Guard Receives Mysterious Radio Calls Threatening to Set Off Depth Charges and Sink Their Ships in the Gulf

Authorities say penalties for making false distress calls and hoaxes, upon conviction, include up to 10 years in prison, $250,000 in fines, plus the cost of the search. The Coast Guard does not actually operate aircraft carriers, only smaller “cutter” vessels, Navy Times reported.

Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App

“Own a rifle? Got a scope to go with it? The U.S. government might soon know who you are, where you live and how to reach you.

That’s because the government wants Apple and Google to hand over names, phone numbers and other identifying data of at least 10,000 users of a single gun scope app, Forbes has discovered. It’s an unprecedented move: Never before has a case been disclosed in which American investigators demanded personal data of users of a single app from Apple and Google. And never has an order been made public where the feds have asked the Silicon Valley giants for info on so many thousands of people in one go.””

The Revolving Door Between Government and Cable News –

From the intelligence community comes former CIA director John Brennan, who has a sweet deal with NBC as a senior national security and intelligence analyst—duties that make him a counterpart to his predecessor, Michael Hayden, at CNN. James Clapper, who lied to Congress about warrantless domestic spying when he was director of national intelligence, also landed a nice job at CNN as a national security analyst.

Focus in Spygate Scandal Shifts to CIA, Former Director Brennan

More than two and a half years after President Donald Trump assumed office, focus on actions taken during the 2016 presidential campaign is starting to shift toward the CIA and its former director, John Brennan.

While some observers, including this publication, have pointed out for more than a year that Brennan appears to have played a key role in the scandal that’s become known as Spygate, actions taken by Brennan and the CIA now appear to have become a central focus of investigators.

Source: Focus in Spygate Scandal Shifts to CIA, Former Director Brennan