Preparations Quietly Made to Screen for Ebola at US Airports

The U.S. federal government continues to quietly put out a call for Ebola screeners at airports including Dulles International Airport in the Washington area, as migrants from an Ebola-afflicted region in Africa settle in the United States.

The job “EMT, Ebola Airport Screener” has a very straightforward job description: “To screen passengers that have traveled back from Ebola-affected nations. This will include checking vital signs, temperature and having passengers fill out questionnaires. This will include tracking and reporting all recovered results.”The job listing is posted on and LinkedIn by Caduceus Healthcare.

Source: Preparations Quietly Made to Screen for Ebola at US Airports

America’s failure to stand up to socialism might make us the Stupidest Generation

“It amazes me that almost none of our best voices points out the very real danger — at least not with any frequency or clarity. We’re so focused on getting justice for the crimes committed by the Deep State that we’ve lost sight of the gigantic socialist apparatus that ties all of this together. From Clinton, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Baker to Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, Preistap, Yates, Rice, and Lynch (and far beyond), this has been a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the will of the people.

But why?


Socialists have murdered well more than 100,000,000 innocent folks in the past 102 years, often in ghastly ways. This same form of socialism is alive and well in American politics. It is lying below the surface — and all they allow us to see are its brightly colored deceits. “

Who owns the world? Tracing half the corporate giants’ shares to 30 owners

“When people say share ownership is highly diversified, they think most large public corporations have lots of shareholders – and often the largest shareholder has less than 15%, sometimes less than 5%, of the total shareholdings.

But looking at it this way obscures the concentration that is taking place. The same organisations – usually finance capital, rarely families or individuals – own these public companies. We (David and Georgina) first researched this in 2009, and we’ve since found that the trend is of increasing concentration in several countries over three decades.”

Democrat plan to interfere with Israeli Elections

But later in the same press release, Tlaib asserted that she may wish to speak out against Israel and engage in political activism. That’s why Israel asked the Michigan Democrat to sign a waiver against such activity, considering some of the controversial statements Tlaib has made in the past.

Source: Reporter’s Notebook: Spat over scrapped ‘Squad’ members’ Israel visit is tricky politics for both sides | Fox News

China Shifts Purchase Priorities From Manufacturing Materials to Food…

“Despite the proclamations by Beijing about their ability to withstand the withdrawal of the U.S. as a primary customer for manufactured goods, reality shows they cannot.

There is a confluence of events all leading to radical changes just below the surface. China has been burning cash to subsidize industries impacted by U.S. tariffs. Simultaneously Beijing has lowered the value of their currency in an effort to eliminate the tariff impact in the cost of their finished goods. However, as the ideological economic conflict between the U.S. and China continues, Beijing cannot hold their position indefinitely.”

Open Border Migrants to Progressives: Protect Us from PTSD of Snakes… in Maine

“We are seeing [migration] flows from throughout the Eastern Hemisphere from Africa, from the Middle East, from South Asia, that are arriving in South America and making a long land trek to the U.S. border, paying, in some cases, $30,000 to $50,000 per person to a variety of alien-smuggling organizations,” he said August 2.

Looking for a Booze-Fueled Tour of the Unfree World? Try “Socialism Sucks”

Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World is a timely contribution in a world where the horrors of the Soviet Union are receding ever-farther into history and socialism is making a rhetorical (and political) comeback, particularly among people who were barely out of diapers or not born yet when the Berlin Wall came down. Socialism Sucks could hardly be more timely.

Source: Looking for a Booze-Fueled Tour of the Unfree World? Try “Socialism Sucks”

Sean Buchanan, Liberal Immigration Advocate, Killed by Illegal Immigrant

A man who criticized President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in the name of progressive Christianity was killed last week by an undocumented immigrant who avoided deportation by hiding in a local “sanctuary church.”

Sean Buchanan, a father of five from Colorado Springs, was driving his motorcycle on Highway 83 when Miguel Ramirez Valiente swerved into his lane and killed him. The immigrant was charged with reckless driving with a revoked license.”