Sheriffs storm Capitol Hill to demand border wall, ICE funding

“The groups said that about 8,300 criminal aliens would have to be immediately released if the cap went into effect. They also said that about 90 percent of all illegal immigrants held by ICE in the nation’s “interior,” versus border facilities, have criminal records.

The issue is one that has stalled negotiations, threatening a second government shutdown later this week.

Both sheriff groups are meeting in Washington this week.

Hodgson said that his jail holds some 200 criminal illegal immigrants and he bluntly said that if any were to be freed, they would go out and commit more crimes.

“We’d have to release these people to go out and commit more crimes,” he said.”

Go To New Mexico: Texas ‘Show of force’: 100 vehicles line one mile of border to deter 1,800 foriegners from entering US illegally

The massive “show of force” — as Border Patrol is calling it — is meant to deter Central Americans from illegally entering the country, as large groups attempted in San Diego, Calif., last November and again on New Year’s Eve.

U.S. charges 19 in Chinese ‘birth tourism’ scheme in California

“In the cases unsealed on Thursday, prosecutors say, the schemes committed widespread immigration fraud and money laundering and defrauded property owners when leasing apartments and houses for the pregnant women.

Federal agents raided three apartment complexes and several other sites being used as maternity houses or hotels across Southern California in March in 2015, saying they catered to wealthy women from China who paid $15,000 to $80,000, depending on services offered.”

John Kerry Tells Davos Crowd Trump Should Resign

When he was pressed on what advice he would give Trump, Kerry questioned the premise that Trump would ever listen to him.

“I can’t play that,” Kerry said, stuttering. “He doesn’t take any of this seriously, he doesn’t have an ability to have that kind of conversation.”

“What would your message be?” Bryer asked.

“Resign,” he replied after stammering for a moment. The audience applauded loudly.