Taliban fighters in girls makeup… and they liked it…

“He said the photographs could be seen as an extreme form of hypocrisy. But he also found them “incredibly touching”.

“I’m almost envious of the photographer that they could take these portraits of these guys … the Taliban then were the absolute personification of evil and you have them holding hands with plastic flowers. It is very confusing but I like that.”


Twitter Warns Michelle Malkin That She Has Violated Sharia Law

Aside by being co-founded by a Leftist, Twitter may also have started enforcing Sharia law because Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, which is governed by Sharia Law, owns the second-largest share of the platform. His share of the company is even larger than that of Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.


Baghdadi Operation Named After Christian Woman Who Refused to Give Up Faith Before ISIS Killed Her

CNN described Islamic Fundamentalist, Rapist, Terrorist, ISIS leader Baghdadi…. what was it…. an austere religious scholar….

“Her father, Carl Mueller, recounted his daughter’s last days in an interview with The Arizona Republic shortly after President Donald Trump announced Baghdadi’s death.

“What this man did to Kayla — he kidnapped her,” Mueller said. “She was held in many prisons. She was held in solitary confinement. She was tortured. She was intimidated. She was ultimately raped by al-Baghdadi himself.”

“He either killed her or he was complicit in her murder,” Mueller said. “I’ll let people who read this article make up their own mind how a parent should feel.””


How ISIS Got Weapons From Obama and Used Them to Take Iraq and Syria

As much as 90 percent of ISIS’s arms and ammunition were found to have originated in Russia, China and Eastern European states. The jihadis were able to obtain much of this arsenal as a result of former President Barack Obama’s support for rebels in Syria, U.K.-based Conflict Armament Research reported after analyzing 40,000 items recovered by its investigators along ISIS front lines between July 2014 and November 2017. By purchasing “large numbers” of European arms and ammunition and then diverting them to nonstate actors in Syria without notifying the sellers, the U.S. reportedly “violated the terms of sale and export agreed between weapon exporters…and recipients.”


NYC ISIS sniper “lives by Sharia. He doesn’t believe he has any obligation to abide by the American legal system.”

“The Kazakhstan-born alleged jihadi appeared in the courtroom looking solemn, but refused to speak. His lawyer pleaded not guilty on his behalf — saying Asainov wouldn’t do it himself “because he doesn’t recognize the American system of laws.”

“He’s converted to Islam. He lives by Sharia law,” lawyer Susan Kellman told reporters after the proceeding. “He doesn’t believe he has any obligation to abide by the American legal system.””


The Air Force Just Dropped 80,000 Pounds of Bombs on Island ‘Infested’ with ISIS Fighters | Military.com

“”Here’s what it looks like when @USAFCENT #F15 and #F35 jets drop 36,000 Kg of bombs on a Daesh infested island,” he wrote, using a term for ISIS preferred by the military.”


Source: The Air Force Just Dropped 80,000 Pounds of Bombs on Island ‘Infested’ with ISIS Fighters | Military.com