Farmers Eager To Grow Hemp But They Need Lawmakers To Clear The Legal Ground First | HPPR

“Late last year, Congress opened the door to CBD and other hemp-derived products when it legalized industrial hemp.

But in order for farmers to grow it, states need to set up a system for regulating the industry. Forty-two states have already done so over the past three months, and Texas farmers are pushing for state lawmakers to do the same.

Eric Herm made the trip from family’s cotton farm in Lubbock to the Capitol to show his support for a bill that would allow him to grow industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity.

“You know if we make a hundred dollars an acre a year where we farm, that’s a good year for us, whereas the predictions are three to six hundred dollars an acre for hemp on the lower end,” Herm said.”

Retired military couple facing more jail time for being too poor to paint house – Lancaster, OH

“The exterior paint has been peeling for a while, and the couple knew it was an issue. But repainting the entire three-story house is a challenge for them, Bill said, and hiring someone would be expensive.

So when the Crawfords weren’t able to complete the project during the city’s 30-day time frame, they were charged with first-degree misdemeanors, which is punishable by as much as six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.”

Facial recognition can speed you through airport security, but there’s a cost

CBP says it keeps photos of US citizens in the Traveler Verification Service system for 12 hours, and photos of noncitizens for 14 days. It also sends photos of noncitizens to the US Department of Homeland Security IDENT database, which stores information for 75 years on visitors to the US.

The airlines and airports aren’t allowed to keep copies of the photos and must immediately purge them from their systems, according to CBP. However, they’re allowed to use other photos they take with the same cameras for commercial purposes. That means they could take a second photo and use it in their own facial recognition system to target ads to you.

Piss Poor Judgement: Police shot teachers with plastic pellets at an active shooter training

“They were injured to the extent that welts appeared and blood was drawn,” according to Zeheralis’s prepared testimony, which was shared with The Washington Post. “There was screaming.”

Zeheralis said teachers waiting outside the room heard their co-workers screaming, and then were brought into the room and shot with the pellets. She said the teachers were told not to relay what happened to anyone.”