HPD Chief Acevedo says narcotics cop committed likely crime by lying in affidavit for deadly raid – Houston Chronicle

The allegations of false information used to conduct a raid that led to the death of two residents and left five officers injured further stunned and angered residents. It marked one of most significant cases of police misconduct within the narcotics division in decades.


Laws Changed: CA Man Registers ‘Assault Weapons’; CADOJ Shows Up to Confiscate Them

“He allegedly completed an unfinished lower receiver (80% lower) and assembled a single shot AR pistol with a fixed 0rd magazine back in 2012 using a magazine locking device, which was one of two legal avenues to obtain an AR pistol at the time. The other way was to buy a single shot AR pistol from a gun store, which you could later modify to be semiautomatic. There was a debate whether those who completed an 80% lower first into a single shot pistol then to a semiauto were ‘manufacturing an unsafe handgun’ (not going to get completely into the weeds of CA gun laws here).”

“A few gun laws later, he was required to register any pistol with a magazine locking device that used a tool to remove the magazine as an ‘assault weapon.’ In order to do that, being a law abiding law abider he had to put a serial number on his pistols. He “voluntarily registered” his pistols (which is not the same as registering it as an assault weapon), adding his own serial numbers per federal guidelines, and submitted the paperwork to CADOJ. His application was still pending.”


Houston Drug Raid: ‘They Did Not Deal Drugs’: Neighbors of Slain Couple Who Shot 4 Cops Refute Official Story

When the couple saw four plainclothes officers in their home—who immediately came in and shot their dog—they likely went into fight or flight mode. Tuttle opened fire, likely thinking he was the subject of a home invasion and Nicholas may have tried to disarm one of the intruders who she thought was trying to kill her.


On patrol with Washington’s plastic-straw cop

“Washington has become the latest city in a nationwide movement to ban plastic straws, and it’s up to Rybarczyk, an inspector for the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment, to enforce the new law.

The straw cop left the rattled cashier at Lotus Express with a warning that if the store was still using plastic straws by July, when a grace period expires, it could be fined up to $800.”


Whistleblower Evidence Shows Kamala Harris Covered Up Illegal Wiretaps

“Stephanie J. Lacambra, criminal defense staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is representing a retired California Highway Patrol officer who was targeted with a wiretap, and who still has no idea why.

“It looked like the FBI and DEA were shopping because they could get this one judge in Riverside County” to sign off on wiretap orders, Lacambra told Big League Politics, referring to Riverside County judge Helios Hernandez.”


Horse Manure Bill Would Mean ‘Pick Up or Pay’ on N.H. Trails

“Requiring a rider to dismount, regardless of the terrain, weather, population, et cetera, to gather up 5 to 10 pounds of manure … is ridiculous,” said Patricia Morris, who teaches animal law at the University of New Hampshire Law School and is chairwoman of the Governor’s Commission on the Humane Treatment of Animals. “Dismounting and mounting on trails should only be done in emergency situations.”