The Government Is Knocking On Amazon’s Door A Lot More Often

“In a legal context, courts would likely treat Echo recordings in the same way that they treat text-based search queries collected by Google or Bing-although Wessler says there’s not a lot of case law on the subject.

“I don’t think there’s any good privacy-based reason to treat those differently,” Wessler says. “Both are reflecting the content on someone’s mind and maybe very intimate details about what they’re looking up online.””

How Facebook Was Hacked And Why It’s A Disaster For Internet Security

The perpetrator’s ultimate aim was to steal what are known as “OAuth bearer tokens.” Essentially, these tokens prove the Facebook user is the rightful owner of an account and denote what they have access to. As Shadwell describes them: “OAuth tokens are like car keys, if you’re holding them you can use them, there’s no discrimination of the holder.” And in the context of this attack, those keys unlocked not just Facebook accounts, but any site that affected users accessed with a Facebook login. That might include Instagram or news websites.

Facebook’s Worst Security Breach Hammers User Trust Once Again – Bloomberg

In the incident disclosed Friday, the Menlo Park, California-based company said it started investigating suspicious activity on Sept. 16. A few days before that, Zuckerberg wrote that the company was better prepared for attacks by foreign actors spreading division and misinformation ahead of elections in the U.S., France and other countries. The prospect of hackers taking control of almost 50 million Facebook accounts may undermine those assertions.