NY Daily News Accuses Catholic High School Students of ‘Blackface’ for Wearing Body Paint at ‘Blackout’ Game

The New York Daily News published an article on Monday that included a photo “said to be featuring Covington Catholic High School students clad in blackface during a 2015 basketball game.” They included a tweet from Marcus Henry Weber, a “Cannabis industry, film production professional, citizen journalist” who said the students in blackface were verbally abusing the black players on the opposing team.

They went on to report that the “photo’s origins couldn’t be verified,” but later added that the “official Covington Catholic High School YouTube account published a video last January boasting its basketball school spirit, and several clips, including one from 2012, showcase attendees chanting in black face.”


Dear Covington boys: Everyone failed you

A “smirk” – though it looks more like an understandably uncomfortable smile – is enough to destroy a child’s life in 2019.

But let’s face it, when a liberal journalist or talking-head looks at you, they find much that is objectionable. You come from a deep-red, rural state. You are Catholic and pro-life. Worst of all you, you support President Trump — in their eyes, an unforgivable sin against “democracy” (by which they really mean liberalism).


Nathan Phillips attempted to disrupt Mass at DC’s National Shrine

“The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that about 60 people gathered outside the shrine in support of Phillips on Saturday night, though it did not mention reports that Phillips and some supporters attempted to disrupt the evening Mass.

Video footage showed one supporter saying that the group had gathered at the shrine to listen to Phillips, and to hold the Catholic Church “accountable” for the alleged actions of the Covington Catholic students and for the “colonial violence that the Catholic Church reproduces every day.”


Washington Forced Segregation on the Nation

Again…. with the Democrats… Institutional Racial Segregation…

“When Franklin Roosevelt became president, the nation was facing a desperate housing shortage. Many black and white working families lived in neighborhoods that, while integrated, could rightly be described as slums. To improve the quality of housing, as well as to provide jobs for construction workers, one of the first New Deal agencies, the Public Works Administration (PWA), demolished housing in many such integrated neighborhoods and built explicitly segregated housing instead. The policy created racial boundaries where they had not previously existed or reinforced them where they had taken root, giving segregation new government sanction. In Atlanta’s “Flats,” the government demolished a neighborhood that was about half white and half black to build a public housing project for whites only, with a separate project for African Americans farther away. In St. Louis’ DeSoto-Carr neighborhood, housing in a similarly mixed neighborhood was demolished to build a project for African Americans only, with a separate project for whites built in a different part of the city.

This, it should be emphasized, was not primarily a program for the South or border states. In Northern and Midwestern states, the federal government’s New Deal programs and local housing agencies worked together to create segregated patterns that have persisted for generations. . . .

In Boston, the federally financed Mission Hill project was for whites, while the Mission Hill Extension across the road was for African Americans. “


Why the sketch of Jazmine Barnes’ alleged killer didn’t match the suspects in her death – Houston Chronicle

“Last Thursday, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office released a sketch of the suspect showing a thinly built white male in his 30s or 40s with sunken cheeks and a stubble beard. At the time, police said they believed the shooter fled the area in a red pickup truck.

Activists claimed that the child’s death could have been racially motivated. However, the person now charged in the child’s death, Eric Black Jr., is a 20-year-old black man who was arrested while driving a different car on Saturday.”


Women’s March Loses Human Rights Award Due To Rampant Anti-Semitism

“We believe that the Women’s March USA does not meet the criteria of this award, as its organizers have repeatedly attracted attention through antisemitic statements, the trivialization of antisemitism and the exclusion of Zionists and Jews since Women’s March USA’s establishment in 2017. Women’s March USA does not constitute an inclusive alliance,”