Why Is No One Discussing Rising Anti-Semitic Violence In New York City

“Over this past week, there have been four violent anti-Semitic assaults in Brooklyn, New York. Wheeler and Hammer discussed why it is the case that anti-Semitic violence may be on the rise and, just as importantly, why political leaders — which, in New York City, are nearly exclusively Democrats — seem to barely be paying attention to the harrowing phenomenon.

Wheeler began by pointing out how “Democrats, on the campaign trail, constantly condemn hatred and bigotry and violence of any kind — and yet, when this [violence] is in their own district and it’s anti-Semitism that motivates the violence, we hear nothing from them.””


Meet Catalina Lauf is billing herself as the anti-AOC

“When questioned about being a minority female supportive of Trump, Lauf said she wanted strong borders and denied claims that the president was racist.

“I’m the daughter of a legal immigrant,” she said. “We’re for legal immigration. That’s not racism. You should be a law-abiding citizen.””


Oklahoma City TV anchor apologizes on air for comparing her co-host to a gorilla | TheHill

“Housden’s apology came after she and Hackett reported on a story last week about a gorilla at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Near the end of the segment, Housden said to Hackett: “Kind of looks like you.”

“Yeah, it kind of does, actually,” Hackett replied.”


Undercover in Patriot Prayer: Insights From a Vancouver Democrat Who’s Been Working Against the Far-Right Group from the Inside – Blogtown – Portland Mercury

“I tell them to call the police if I ever start singing the National Anthem,” says Ben. “Fortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.”


How does VA Governor Ralph Northam still have a job?

“Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, continues to remind us that he is a man of poor judgment and little character who is completely unfit to govern.

After months of hiding from accusations of racism and his embarrassing words on infanticide, Northam is now facing scrutiny for appointing Gail Gordon Donegan, a woman who regularly targeted Catholics and mocked their beliefs, to the Virginia Council on Women.”


Washington Post columnist warns of need to ‘burn down the Republican Party’ to wipe out Trump supporters | Fox News

The Racial Ideology of the Democrats have us the Trail of Tears, the Civil War, Japanese Internment Camps, Jim Crow, and have decimated black communities with welfare and abortion… the Democrats should have been disbanded after the Civil War just as the Nazi Party was.

“Rubin appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Sunday and said that not only does Trump have to lose in 2020, but there must be a purging of “survivors” who still support the commander-in-chief.

“It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose,” she said. “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party.”

“We have to level them because if there are survivors — if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.””


Ominous-looking dude arrested for spree of violent hate crimes. Why are the media mum? – Liberty Unyielding

Yes, Lyons is black. And his victims were white. In fact, having white skin was the one condition in his victim that he needed to have met. “Get off the street, honky, you ­f*cking honky, you don’t belong here,” the Post quotes him as having reportedly screamed at a 58-year-old man whom he punched in the face two weeks ago.

Source: Ominous-looking dude arrested for spree of violent hate crimes. Why are the media mum? – Liberty Unyielding

White House ‘Disgusted’ by NY Times Antisemitism

“Grisham’s comments come in response to a Breitbart News expose that found Wright-Piersanti, an editor on the politics desk at the Times, made a number of racist and antisemitic comments on Twitter over the years. In response to the Breitbart News investigation, Wright-Piersanti deleted several of the tweets and issued an apology for his “offensive” comments.

Many say the apology is meaningless, and something the Times would never accept from any public official guilty of the same actions its politics editor has admitted.”