Pelosi Calls Trump’s Request To Ban Late-Term Abortion ‘Really Quite A Sad Thing’

“Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin told the Caller that while he does not personally support late-term abortion “unless the life or health of the mother is at stake,” he said the president is “ready for a battle over abortion, and we haven’t had one in a while, so I think he’s decided that helps fire up his base.”

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, on the other hand, stood with the president, saying, “To me, it shouldn’t be a fight at all. It’s just totally immoral to do that. I think.”

“I just think it’s just horrendous,” Manchin noted. “I don’t know how anyone could even fathom supporting anything such as late-term abortion.””

The Abortion Agenda: Its Benefactors & What You Don’t Know – Freedom Outpost

The “procedure”:

The dilation and extraction procedure is used for an abortion after 21 weeks. The fetus is rotated, and forceps are used to grasp and pull the legs, shoulders, and arms through the birth canal. A small incision is made at the base of the skull to allow a suction catheter inside. The catheter removes the cerebral material until the skull collapses. The fetus is then completely removed.”

‘House of Horrors’ Abortion Clinic Site To Be Auctioned Off In 2019

A 2016 congressional investigation also found evidence and continues to investigate clinics illegally performing partial-birth and post-birth abortions. Abortion methods included smashing unborn baby’s necks with forceps, cutting the neck with scissors, twisting the head until it snaps, crushing the “soft spot” on the baby’s skull, or pushing on the infant’s abdomen or throat until it dies.

Cultural Diversity: Female Genital Mutilation -Five Lessons U.S. Can Learn from Europe

“In February, Breitbart London reported that the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (IZRS) had defended FGM, saying that it is justified under Islamic law — despite the practice being illegal in Switzerland since 2012.

Ali Selim, a spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, also said that FGM was permissible in Islam because of a saying by the Muslim prophet Mohammed, and claimed that “female circumcision” was different and acceptable. FGM has also been illegal in the Republic of Ireland for 12 years.

In the United States, an imam at a Virginia mosque reportedly said that FGM prevents “hypersexuality” in women, and unless she is “circumcised,” a woman is not “satisfied with one person or two or three.””