Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded –

A copy of a text message Mr. Raniere sent to a female follower indicates that he knew women were being branded and that the symbol’s design incorporated his initials.

“Not initially intended as my initials but they rearranged it slightly for tribute,” Mr. Raniere wrote, (“if it were abraham lincolns or bill gates initials no one would care.)”

ISIS Fighters, Having Pledged to Fight or Die, Surrender en Masse – The New York Times

The interrogator, Lt. Pisthiwan Salahi, said Mr. Mohemin was not only an Islamic State soldier but also a member of an elite suicide squad known as the Seekers of Martyrdom, according to informers. If convicted of that affiliation by an Asayish court, his sentence would be long; if he was connected to any killings, possibly lifelong.Mr. Mohemin’s narrative differed. “I was just a common soldier,” he said. “I never killed a civilian. I wasn’t even on the front line.” The lieutenant scoffed at him. “Well, twice I was on the front line, just for a day, but not against the Kurds,” Mr. Mohemin said. More scoffing. “Well once against the Kurds, but only shooting from a distance. I couldn’t see anyone.”Kurdish officials have been perplexed by the number of fighters who have surrendered. Many of the militants said they were ordered by their leaders to turn themselves in to the Kurds, who were known to take prisoners instead of killing them. But Capt. Ali Muhammed Syan, chief of the Asayish interrogators in Dibis, said even the fighters did not seem to know why their leaders were telling them to quit. “Maybe it’s some deal,” he said. “Maybe it’s just bad morale, I don’t know.”

Source: ISIS Fighters, Having Pledged to Fight or Die, Surrender en Masse – The New York Times

EAS system plays hacked message to 3 million people watching TV in Orange County, CA

“Realize this, extremely violent times will come,” a man’s voice boomed, according to a video of the alert.

Laflamme said she was alarmed.

“It almost sounded like Hitler talking,” she said. “It sounded like a radio broadcast coming through the television.”

In violation of federal and state laws and even common decency…someone triggered two national cable TV companies Emergency Alert systems to over 3 million viewers in living rooms all over Orange County, CA (just south of LA) and broadcast a hacked doomsday alert.

Guessing that the techs at the radio station are in for some very intense and unpleasant meetings jammed uncomfortably between people with no sense of humor.

Source: End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in Orange County – Orange County Register

‘An eyeball just fell down into my lap!’ Planned Parenthood directors joke about killing preborn children

Planned Parenthood’s medical director in Michigan, Lisa Harris, states: “Given that we actually see the fetus the same way, and given that we might actually both agree that there’s violence in here. … Let’s just give them all the violence, it’s a person, it’s killing, let’s just give them all that.””