U.S. officials misled the public about the war in Afghanistan, confidential documents reveal – Washington Post

“Since 2001, the Defense Department, State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development have spent or appropriated between $934 billion and $978 billion, according to an inflation-adjusted estimate calculated by Neta Crawford, a political science professor and co-director of the Costs of War Project at Brown University.

Those figures do not include money spent by other agencies such as the CIA and the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is responsible for medical care for wounded veterans.”


China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment | China | The Guardian

That is the problem…. they had been doing Industrial Espionage for years…

“In May, Hu Xijin, the editor of the Global Times newspaper in China, said the withdrawal of sharing by US tech companies with Huawei would not be fatal for the company because Huawei has been planning for this conflict “for years” and it would prompt the company to develop its own microchip industry to rival America’s.”


Hundreds of parents say kids wrongly taken from them after doctors misdiagnosed abuse

“The doctor said red splotches on their 6-week-old’s skin and healing rib fractures were each “diagnostic of physical abuse.”

Other experts who reviewed the records and examined the baby on behalf of the Parkers disagreed. Two of the doctors noted that the baby had a significant Vitamin D deficiency that could lead to fractures in infants from routine handling. Another reported that the marks on the child’s skin — which the parents first noticed and brought to the attention of doctors — did not behave like bruises, and appeared to match the straps of the baby’s swing.”


Japanese island of Mageshima could become an unsinkable US aircraft carrier – CNN

“Three square miles of volcanic rock on the edge of the East China Sea may one day be used as an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the United States Navy in the event of war in Asia.

Japan’s government announced this week that it’s buying Mageshima Island, an uninhabited outcrop 21 miles (34 kilometers) from the southernmost Japanese main island of Kyushu.”


‘Melania is a tough cookie’: Tomi Lahren comes to first lady’s defense after attacks on Christmas display | Fox News

The left has always taken issue with first lady Melania’s Trump’s Christmas decorations because quite obviously, they take issue with absolutely anything anyone with the last name ‘Trump’ does, says, doesn’t say, tweets, or breathes,” Lahren said on her Fox Nation show, “Final Thoughts.”