Trump’s ‘personal pastor’ Paula White hits at ‘demonic networks,’ goes bold in ‘name of Jesus’ – Washington Times

““I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy,” White said. “I secure his calling, I secure his purpose, I secure his family, and we secure victory in the name which is above every name … the name of Jesus Christ.”

And with that, the spiritual battle lines have been drawn.”

VIDEO: Rashida Tlaib tells Detroit chief non-blacks should not work as facial recognition analysts

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib told Detroit’s chief of police that he should hire only black people as analysts to run their facial recognition software because, she claimed, non-black people think they all look alike.

The News Is Propaganda · PoliticalShort

The danger of this kind of constant propaganda is explained by Jacques Ellul in Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. Ellul writes:

“To the extent that propaganda is based on current news, it cannot permit time for thought or reflection. A man caught up in the news must remain on the surface of the event; he is carried along in the current, and can at no time take a respite to judge and appreciate; he can never stop to reflect. There is never any awareness-of himself, of his condition, of his society-for the man who lives by current events. Such a man never stops to investigate anyone point, any more than he will tie together a series of news events…Propaganda addresses itself to that man; like him, it can relate only to the most superficial aspect of a spectacular event, which alone can interest man and lead him to make a certain decision or adopt a certain attitude”

Tucker Carlson mocks CNN’s Don Lemon for blackface hypocrisy over coverage of Megyn Kelly, Justin Trudeau | Fox News

“Carlson then compared Lemon’s reaction to Trudeau wearing blackface on multiple occasions to his reaction to former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who was famously fired from NBC News for simply suggesting blackface could sometimes be OK when used for a costume.

“What a difference a year makes… Megyn Kelly never wore blackface, she wouldn’t do that. She’s not Justin Trudeau,” Carlson said. “She just made the mistake of not seeming quite offended enough in a TV segment about certain Halloween costumes.””

Linda Sarsour Asks Muslims To Form “Jihad” Against Trump, Not To Assimilate | Video | RealClearPolitics

Sarsour was a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Sarsour is a supporter of the BDS movement against Israel and opposes bans of sharia. She also is a somewhat frequent MSNBC guest and has appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show.

“I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad. That we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East or in the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House,” Sarsour said.

“Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our community, it is not to assimilate and please any other people and authority,” she said. “Our obligation is to our young people, is to our women, to make sure our women are protected in our community.”

“Our top priority and even higher than all those other priorities is to please Allah and only Allah,” Sarsour declared.

Source: Linda Sarsour Asks Muslims To Form “Jihad” Against Trump, Not To Assimilate | Video | RealClearPolitics

Why Is No One Discussing Rising Anti-Semitic Violence In New York City

“Over this past week, there have been four violent anti-Semitic assaults in Brooklyn, New York. Wheeler and Hammer discussed why it is the case that anti-Semitic violence may be on the rise and, just as importantly, why political leaders — which, in New York City, are nearly exclusively Democrats — seem to barely be paying attention to the harrowing phenomenon.

Wheeler began by pointing out how “Democrats, on the campaign trail, constantly condemn hatred and bigotry and violence of any kind — and yet, when this [violence] is in their own district and it’s anti-Semitism that motivates the violence, we hear nothing from them.””