Freedom of the Press: Investigative Journalist Still Fighting Prosecution and Harassment Four Year After Exposing Illegal Industry Practices

On the videos, Planned Parenthood officials were shown being callous and ethically corrupt, but also allegedly committing two illegal activities.

The first is that they were altering abortion procedures in order to provide certain parts or either the intact body of a preborn baby for the purposes of medical research. While it is legal to provide fetal tissue for research studies, medical providers cannot alter the procedure to get a better specimen, which could potentially put the patients’ lives at risk.

Second, it is also illegal to sell fetal tissue for a profit. A business, like Planned Parenthood, can be compensated for the cost of transportation or storage for the tissue, but cannot charge different prices for different specimens and make money off those various “sales.”

Planned Parenthood officials were allegedly implicated in both instances. If proved true, it is a clear violation of not only the law but of medical ethics as well.

While Daleiden has been dealing with constant legal battles, most of those caught on his undercover videos have escaped any legal repercussions.