Google Has Crossed the Creepy Line

“The typical Silicon Valley guy’s confidence that his neoliberal groupthink is objectively correct is unassailable. For him, Trump’s evil populist campaign exploited algorithmic flaws in his system, exploiting Soviet manipulation of social media to bamboozle the American public into choosing evil over good. It’s all just another bug in his code, an exploit to be patched. It’s his job to demonstrate in the upcoming midterms that he’s fixed the bug, refactoring his software so that it generates the correct output next time: a blue wave.

All of his friends and colleagues are watching and waiting intently to see if he’s “fixed” the election, in both senses of the word. These same folks who insist that a small family bakery must be required by law to serve the homosexual agenda in the name of fairness insist that since Facebook is technically merely a business, it has every right to pick and choose what political opinions it allows and promotes on its platform.”