He Drew Up Plans For An Antifa ‘Slaughter,’ Then Got Invited On A National Radio Show

“I will put almost anybody on the air unless they are actively threatening somebody,” Larson told TPM in a phone interview Tuesday. “Short of that,” he added, “I’ll put all the crazy on you want.”

Larson said he wanted to give his listeners an example of someone who, under Oregon’s new red flag law, was considered too dangerous to have guns.

Kohfield sounded “as though he could do violence against somebody,” Larson said, adding that many listeners wrote in after the program aired to say that Kohfield “sounded like a guy who should have his guns taken away.”

But, Larson argued to TPM, Kohfield’s rights had been infringed upon because he hadn’t made an imminent threat of violence.

“He didn’t cross the line,” Larson said, criticizing the red flag laws like the one used to confiscate Kohfield’s guns as reminiscent of “Minority Report.”