Keith Olbermann begs foreign governments to aid his treason and help him overthrow US government 

“I appeal to the intelligence agencies and the governments of what is left of the free world,” he began, “to them as entities, entireties as bureaucracies making official decisions, and to the individuals who make decisions of conscience.”

“To GCHQ and MI6 in the UK, to the BND in Germany, the DGSE in France, the ASIS in Australia, and even of the GRU in Russia, where they must already be profoundly aware that they have not merely helped put an amoral cynic in power here, but an uncontrollable one, whose madness is genuine and whose usefulness – even to them – is at an end.”

Olbermann continued, “to all of them, and to the world’s journalists, I make this plea: We the citizens of the United States of America are the victims of a coup. We need your leaks, your information, your intelligence, your recordings, your videos, your conscience.”

“The civilian government and the military of the United States are no longer in the hands of the people, nor in the control of any responsible individuals on whom you can rely.”

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