Meet The 23 Year Old Who Uncovered Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone’s Blogs About ‘Trannies,’ ‘Japs’

In response, Carusone painted himself as a victim and blamed The Daily Caller, a “bad faith actor,” for coming after him every time Media Matters publishes information on a conservative.

In reality, credit for the publication of the old blog posts goes to Hasson: a 23-year-old who lives in Fort Worth with one roommate, who is much better looking than he is.

Hasson owns an overweight golden Labrador, who currently lives with his parents. One of his neighbors has a rooster, which Hasson plans to make disappear at some point.

“This thing crows all day long,” he said of the rooster. “It almost crows as loud as Jim Acosta does when he spots a mirror.”