Many employers will simply keep employee hours below whatever is currently legally defined as “full-time” to avoid triggering benefits like vacation and sick time. Obama set that at 30 hours with ObamaCare, so employers have already cut part-time to 28 hours a week. Retail/fast food hiring is typically done as part-time with the exceptions of managers if I understand the game correctly.
I fall under a different loop-hole. For the last 14 years, my “employers” “hired” me as a “consultant”…. meaning I work 40-60 hours a week for huge corporations beside Chinese and Indians here on H1-B visas. Since I am a consultant, there are no benefits, holidays, or sick days and the employer gets to write me off their taxes as a per-project operating expense so it is very much to their advantage to hire “consultants”.
But back to part-time… under Obama’s original Democrat only backed edict, “part-time” workers would need their week cut by 11 hours to maintain “part-time” status… for me personally (and millions of others), that would mean I would need a second job…. in a cruel irony, all the new hiring would make for a lot of happy talk about all the new jobs Obama created.
Since my family health care is $1,200 a month I will use my own situation… employer pays $500, we pay $700….. ($500 x 12 = $6,000)…. as an employer, it is significantly cheaper to encourage employees to just buy the President’s pet insurance product as you would your bank mandated car or home insurance. Some employers will just choose to pay the $3,000 “Employer Shared Responsibility” fine (interesting concept that an employer shares any responsibility for my life) rather than the $6,000 matching costs.
As far as I know, the employer could also establish a benefits program for part time workers and just kick in $25…. in this case, my monthly cost would be $1,175… since I cannot afford $14,100 a year for ObamaCare, the employer would be off the hook and I would just pay a $2,000 fine for being too middle class to buy Obama’s product.
Fortunately…. Obama just gave employers a big “out” on the “Employer Shared Responsibility” fine…. if an illegal alien is hired for a part or full time position, there is no ObamaCare requirement…. therefor, starting Jan 1st 2015, it was cheaper to hire a border hopping wetback than a lifelong taxpaying American citizen.