This Week In ‘The NSA Knows F**king Everything’: How It Hacked Most Hard Drives And SIM Cards | Techdirt

sigalrm (profile), Feb 19th, 2015 @ 3:24pm


Shouldn’t there be some prosecuter out there working on a CFAA case against them

Almost everyone is focusing on the NSA’s ability to “get any data they want”, but if the NSA and other TLA’s are as deeply embedded into computer networks as they’re rumored to be, then they have, or can get, Read-Write access to damn near anything they want. You have to assume they can trivially plant evidence as easily as they can retrieve it.

Unfortunately, If we’ve crossed the rubicon, you can be certain that any prosecutors, judges, politicians, etc, who might initially push back against the NSA and other assorted three letter agencies might quickly find themselves convinced to look the other way, lest they end up out of a job or in prison.”

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