Trump Administration Ends Government Shakedow | The Daily Caller

Buried in all micro-drama distractions of the Trump administration are many of the good things it has done. One of the many under-reported accomplishments occurred in June, when Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions said the DOJ would reverse one of the sleazy practices of the Obama administration: allowing prosecutors to cut deals with corporate targets to direct payment of settlements to their pet political causes.

These “slush funds,” created from DOJ prosecutions of American corporations, allowed the hyper-political Obama administration to direct settlement money to politically favored causes. Settlements were sent to the likes of the National Council of La Raza, a Democrat activist group, and other “community redevelopment” and nonprofit “legal aid” organizations. You know, the folks who showed up at all those work-week, midday Obama rallies who happened to be in matching T-shirts.